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2013-11-04 - 2013-11-04

The brief – Sweden’s government asked us to develop a new identity for the country, to be used when communicating on behalf of Sweden. Our brief was to replace the many fragmented organizational identities of Swedish ministries, agencies and corporations with one integrated visual brand identity system, to unambiguously represent Sweden in the world.

The process – During the design process, we grappled with many questions, including: Which symbols best represent a country? How do we design a unified identity for use in extremely divergent contexts and on wildly different scales? Which parts of an identity should always be used, and which parts only in the right context? And how do we clarify when an organization is speaking on behalf of Sweden?

The Solution

We developed a hierarchy of identity carriers. We placed two obligatory elements at the apex: The Swedish flag, in the exact proportions and colors used since the 17th century, and the textual mark 'Sverige', accompanied by a local translation for the country's name.

 On the second rung we placed those elements which should be used if the medium allows it: A specially commissioned font face, Sweden Sans, to further differentiate the textual marks, and two principal colors — the gold and blue found on Sweden's flag.

Identity carriers

The third rung holds a toolbox of optional identity carriers — creative tools available for use by designers depending on the context. One example: A tool for generating colored geometric shapes derived from the compass bearing between Sweden and a location on the globe. The final rung holds individual organizations' own identity carriers, for use when the originating organization's identity is important to the message. The system's flexibility comes from its focus on compatible, universal elements, with simple rules for their use in combination. When needed, the system can scale up to a full brand identity program — one with a minimalist, Scandinavian edge.

01. Stationery.
02. Sender system, including the logotypes of the organisations.

Direction Sweden

Official Anglemaker is a tool for converting a location's compass bearing to Sweden into a abstract angled shape. This shape is unique for every location, and represents the direction to Sweden, symbolizing the many relationships Sweden has with the world.

03,04. — Using Official Anglemaker, several locations can be combined into one. The end result is an abstract template that is fresh and dynamic, yet part of a well-defined program. This example shows a template for an event spanning five locations.

Sweden Sans

We wanted a distinct typeface that can stand alone, but which also works well with a broad range of other typefaces. Early designs were kept rough, so that we could iterate quickly.

We decided to go with the feeling of old signs, of mono, of a classic sans serif with a Scandinavian heritage. In collaboration with Swedish font expert Stefan Hattenbach, we then engaged in a long process of polishing the font.

05. – Evolution of the Sweden Sans Regular and Bold.

06,07,08. – Sweden Sans used in a brochure for 'Swedish Design Goes Milan'.

09. – Sweden Sans used in a brochure urging an international audience to 'Study in Sweden'.


10. —, Sweden's official website.

11,12,13. — Mobile version of

14,15. —

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Integrated identity, Nation branding, Sweden

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At the request of the Swedish government, Söderhavet has developed a new global brand identity for Sweden, to help Swedish organizations communicate more effectively on the international stage. Sweden’s new global identity is fully unveiled in Söderhavet’s redesign of, the country’s official information portal, which launches this week. See the case here.

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When Sweden’s Minister of Trade Ewa Björling visited New York in early September, she was invited to ring the opening bell of the NASDAQ stock exchange. The occasion was commemorated with a promotional video for Sweden that looped on Nasdaq’s video billboard on Times Square. This video was the first mainstream use of the new digital identity for Sweden developed by Söderhavet.

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At the behest of Sweden’s government, we’ve been hard at work developing a new common digital identity for the country, to be used by Swedish governmental agencies when promoting Sweden’s interests abroad. After a year of development in close consultation with a coalition of governmental agencies, the identity is now launching broadly.

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One of our us here at Söderhavet, Stefan Geens, was today featured in the New York Times for his work triangulating the path of the meteorite that recently crashed near Chelyabinsk, in Russia.

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19 Feb, 2013

For the fourth year in a row, Söderhavet was recognized as one of Sweden’s three best digital agencies by the “Agency of the Year Awards” (“Årets byrå” in swedish). This year, for the second time, we came first! Our thanks go to our wonderful beautiful clients, as they were the ones grading us.  

Sweden’s Royal Dramatic Theatre gets a strategic make-over

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Söderhavet was chosen by Dramaten — Sweden’s Royal Dramatic Theatre — to help develop a new digital strategy and toolbox for marketing new productions.