What’s your favourite colour?

What’s your favourite colour” is an experiment in small data. It creates a small but somewhat interesting crowdsourced dataset with minimal user effort. The data should not, and cannot, be taken seriously, but it might be used for hints, for small insights, for spoof proofs, for fun. All in the spirit of serious unseriousness.

The main point of the experiment is to explore how low the threshold for interaction can get, while still generating a meaningful experience, and meaningful data. Four simple questions are answered by four simple clicks, all options are displayed directly in view, no confirmation required, and no text input. The dataset is then visualized using three.js, as a 3d colourcube. It’s somewhat viewable in mobile, but best experienced in a webGL capable browser.

Please help spread the word across the internets, the more people the bigger the small dataset gets! And although small, big small data is better than small small data.

See the experiment here: ”What’s your favourite colour

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