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Number of list items controls item width

See the Pen Number of items controls item width by smlsvnssn (@smlsvnssn) on CodePen.

Say you have an unknown number of items in a list, and want this list to cover the full width of an area. I thought this ought to be impossible in pure css, but with some clever use of pseudo-selectors and the general sibling selector, it is actually doable. It might even be practical in certain cases.
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Part of the visual identity for Sweden is the angle that is formed when a line is drawn from Sweden to one or more other geographical locations. This little machine finds thegeodesic angle between the geographic centre of Sweden and any other location. The resulting shape can be exported for use in graphic applications.


Refresh finder


Refresh Finder is a handy AppleScript wrapped in an app. The app’s icon is designed to match those in your finder’s toolbar. Simply drag it to your toolbar, hold it for a few seconds, and drop it in place. (Or, if you’re on Mavericks, hold down Command and drop it on a Finder toolbar.)

Download: Refresh Finder 1.5.0.dmg

Update 130624: New version: 1.5.0 Updated for Mountain Lion and retina graphics.

Update 111125: New version: 1.4.0. Updated for Lion. Thank you Matt Sephton for letting me steal your icon, and Nick Barron for pointing out the need for a Lion version.

Update 090911: New version: 1.3.0. Updated for Snow Leopard. This seems to be the latest version that works on PPC (Thank you Lucas Pestana for pointing that out)

Update 071113: New version: 1.2.3. Now Leopard friendly (if anyone should feel they still need it on Leopard). Thank you Brian Latimer for some great input.

Update 070903: New version: 1.2.2. Fixed a bug where the script fails if one of the Finder windows is an info window. Thanks goes to Lionel Mallet for a neat solution.

Update 070824: New version: 1.2.1. Now it does what it does even better, or, in some cases, actually does what it’s supposed to do… Thank you Luke Arthur and J Long for the input.

Upon request we have compiled a new version (1.2). Refresh Finder now refreshes all finder windows not only the front/active window.

Macworld awarded Refresh Finder 4 out of 5 mice.

This little gem is also rated 5 out of 5 stars at Macupdate.