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4 reasons why Google’s Lego-Maps is not your average tech demo

Today’s extraordinary new time-sink is Build With Chrome, a collaboration between Google and Lego that lets you claim a spot in Google Maps and then build on it with virtual Lego blocks. We at Söderhavet spent some time this morning playing with this impressive new tool, and have some first impressions to share about what happens when you marry Lego with Google Maps in the browser:

1. Welcome to the WebGL wars: Google is using this project to promote Chrome’s superior support of WebGL, a web standard for 3D visualizations in the browser. But whereas all the main desktop browsers today support WebGL to some extent, the real differentiation occurs on mobile devices: Android’s Chrome browser supports WebGL whereas iOS browsers do not. Although iPhones are technically capable of running WebGL, Apple has chosen not to deploy the technology. Continue reading

Watch Söderhavet on Swedish national television discuss typography

This week, Söderhavet’s typography work on Sweden’s new official typeface, Sweden Sans, is a discussion topic on the culture program Sverige!, which runs on Sweden’s national TV channel SVT.

The program is in Swedish, but if you understand the language you can follow the episode online on SVT Play until mid-July 2014, regardless of where you are in the world.

We’re featured for the first five minutes of the program, where you see Söderhavet’s Jesper Robinell and noted Swedish typeface designer Stefan Hattenbach discuss the intricacies of typefaces and the challenges of having a font represent a nation.