Nicole Vienna

Söderhavet is the strategic design partner for 
Nicole Vienna – a Scandinavian based watch brand, sprung out of love for the beautiful things that surround us every day. Inspired by Scandinavian interior,
 the timepieces have been designed for undeniable elegance and captivating flair. The watches are made from the finest materials and are carefully crafted with attention to every detail.

Nicole Vienna emerged from two thesis:

1. An entirely new brand can be built only through social media.

2. Women interested in accessories (like watches) are also often similarly interested in interior design.

Could the two be combined? The experiment = Nicole Vienna, a watch inspired by interior design in materials and in marketing content. It took about 6 months from the two insights above until first market launch, including a premium product line, packaging solution, productions setup, distribution solution, market influencer recruitment, e-shop setup and organization.

Söderhavet assisted with strategies, concept, product design, brand identity design, marketing concept, e-shop design and packaging design.
 All these parts we handled side by side in the design process and in the same time frame – multidisciplinary design solution.

The visual concept portraits the story of Nicole Vienna and bridge the gap between fashion and interior design.

The type setting – we are using a recline weight of Brown typeface that bring edginess, uniqueness and a nod towards the fashion industry.

The pattern was made from high quality artworks from natural stone structures by the israeli artist J.D Doria adds the material and interior feel to the brand.

E-shops launched in 17 local markets (with unique currencies, languages, shipping methods etc) within 6 months.

An important part of the communication strategy is to make customers and users into stars. We know we have a big platform for them to be displayed through our website and social media. The website holds a number of professionally made portraits and stories of chosen customers.

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