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Sweden’s official typeface is designed by us in collaboration with typeface expert Stefan Hattenbach. Creating a typeface for a nation requires artistry and precision as well as care for functionality and longevity in every single detail.

The choice of typeface is important when building a strong visual identity. This applies equally when branding a nation. Sweden Sans is part of the ‘Global brand Sweden’ and especially designed for the country at the request of the Swedish government. It is the nation’s official typeface and is used when communicating on behalf of Sweden.

Old road signs, monospaced fonts, classic sans serifs and Scandinavian design influenced and inspired us in the creation of Sweden Sans.

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Its simplicity combined with unique details makes the typeface usable and versatile. It can be used stand-alone or combined with other typefaces. Sweden Sans comes in four different weights and works equally well in all channels.

Sweden Sans is used in all applications made for Global brand Sweden, for example on sweden.se. Below is a sample from the project ‘Swedish design goes Milano’.

Additionally, we created a special version for VisitSweden’s initiative ‘Skåne Gastro Week’.