Code and art for the Guldbagge Awards 2020

Code and art create 2100 unique beetles for this year’s Guldbagge Awards
A unique beetle for each invitation is the result of our concept for this year’s Guldbagge Award. Each invited guest (2100) receives a work of art with their very own beetle on, together with their invitation. The sum of all invitations creates a whole family of beetles.

We started talking about exclusivity, and what that is today. What is equivalent gold without being opulent? It is about something being limited, and a feeling of being selected yet a part of something bigger. Thoughts were led to art, limited editions and customized products, says Oscar Bauer, Creative Director.

Custom-written code enables thousands of interpretations of Guldbaggen
The concept has been inspired by Karl Axel Pehrson’s classic beetle and is based on Noel Pretorius stylized graphic beetle. We added five variations of each part of the beetle (rear, middle, front, head and jaws), and coded a program that randomly assembles the different parts. In that way no beetle is similar to the another.

In order to get the shimmer from the physical golden beetle, we added a number of dark and bright colors fading into each other, randomly moving across the beetle. It gives them even more of their own identity.

The Swedish Film Institute has been organizing the Guldbagge Awards since 1964 with the aim of lifting and awarding films and people who have made extraordinary efforts during the past film year. They gave us the trust of doing this year’s visual concept. In addition to the invitation, this year’s concept has been selected in tickets, signage and programs.

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