New chairman of the board

We are happy to announce that Susanna Marcus is our new chairman of our board of directors at Söderhavet. Susanna has a background as CEO in the IT- recruitment- and staffing industry as well as the education industry. She has over ten years of experience of board work in both listed and unlisted companies.

“I have followed with great interest the work of Söderhavet over the years. The agency has a pointed strategy, solid expertise and an excellent market position that helps brands differentiate themselves and create business value. It feels fantastic to be able to continue to develop Söderhavet together with the rest of the board and management”, says Susanna Marcus.

“We have a fantastic organizational culture with a very high level of creativity and professionalism. Susannas experience of commercializing and creating growth with profitability will help us further in professionalizing us and showcase the critical business benefits we create with design. I look forward to a very rewarding collaboration with Susanna”, says Frida Roberts, CEO of Söderhavet.