Sustainable pensions

Client: KPA Pension
Identity / Digital / Custom Type

Project status

As the leading pensions company for the local government sector in Sweden, KPA Pension not only manages pensions for almost two million people – but also holds a big responsibility for a better and more sustainable future. 

Challenge – Previous studies had shown that even though the logotype and green color had strong recognition, they neither supported the brand values nor the demands for a functional and modern visual identity.

Approach & solution – Based on KPA’s values, we wanted the design to convey authenticity, directness and sustainability. The design strategy established that less is more, and we identified the few important assets that should carry the brand in all touchpoints. A modernised logotype, a new vibrant colour system and a new custom typeface carrying the heritage and legacy for the future. To make even more impact in communication we added big and bold graphic shapes sprung out of the KPA world.

Project status

Typeface: KPA Serif
Weight: Display Black, Bold, Regular, Regular Italic, Book, Book Italic
Year: 2020
So–Type Foundry

KPA Display Black + Bold + Bold Italic + Regular + Regular Italic + Book + Book Italic

Tack för att ni tar hand om våra barn! Vi tar hand om er sen! 

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