Across products and services, categories and industries, we collaborate with our clients to solve their challenges, create meaningful brands and user experiences in the digital, analog and physical space. Here, you can find some of our our clients.


Helping clients succeed
in a fast moving world

Short facts
16 years in the making
14+ design, brand and digital experts
Collective agreement (kollektivavtal)
Winner of the Agency of the Year Award 2019.
Digital at heart, multidisciplinary

It used to be your brand could live happily for years without changes in appearance, structure, personality or strategy. Not anymore. Today your brand needs to adapt to change quickly, while still holding onto that special something that defines you. Born digital, Söderhavet is an independent multi-disciplinary design agency founded in 2005.

We create designs that resonate on an emotional level and at the same time solve genuine problems for your consumers. Our approach combines a big dose of creativity with knowledge and understanding of the human behavior behind the users, and relevant data, which together acts as a foundation in all our projects.

Our agile creative processes are used to create fresh, intuitive brand identities and design solutions that work across analog, digital and physical platforms. Wherever customers meet your brand, we’ll make sure the impact is lasting. Strategically and creatively, you’ll be stronger, more competitive and undeniably more attractive.

Magic does not happen in isolation
– but in collaboration

Good meaningful relationships make us happy! We thrive when we get to team up with our clients, and when possible with the end user. Trust is essential and so is open and honest communication, mutual respect and kindness. Always playful and curious with effective processes in place, we create brand experiences that influence customer behavior and help you meet your business goals. Passionate about new technology, we love to explore new innovative ways to solve our clients’ challenges.

As a confirmation on our dedication to great client relationships, we score an average of over 9 points out of 10 in the Agency of the Year Award, Sweden’s most prominent and independent client market survey. We have also been nominated for and won several international and Swedish design awards.

Our service offering covers four main areas:
Insight, Strategy, Brand identity, and Touchpoint design.


We take a human approach when deciphering the future. Our research methods give you the vital fundament to make informed decisions that are based on understanding and knowledge rather than guess work. This includes not only crunching data, but also the understanding of human behavior and new technology.

Examples of deliverables:
Trend reports, benchmark analyses, customer journey maps, user behavior analyses, inspirational trend seminars.


We help you define the direction ahead. Our approach to strategy is unconventional, and – like everything else we do – collaborative and based on our methodology “think, create, test, repeat”. This allows our thinking and ideas to be prototyped and tested at an early stage, which in turn leads to relevant results more in line with your goals and your business context.

Examples of deliverables:
Brand platforms, brand strategies, naming, conceptual ideas.

Brand identity

We create distinct and attractive brand identities with a strong core, that still manage to be flexible. As opposed to working with strict guidelines, our identities are always based on principles. We believe this is vital to stay competitive in a fast-changing world.

Examples of deliverables:
Brand identities (including components such as custom-made typefaces, logotypes, graphic elements, tone of voice, tone of motion, image tonality), principle-based guidelines, brand identity tools.

Touchpoint design

This includes more than simply applying a visual identity to your touchpoints; it’s about understanding what motivates your customers and designing relevant platforms, services and tools that drive your business. We design thoughtful and meaningful brand experiences that connect your brand with the people you desire to reach.

Examples of deliverables:
Corporate web sites, signages, physical spaces, corporate collateral, design systems service designs, e-commerce sites, apps, onboarding sites, product designs, packaging.


All Work has to simplify and affect

We design for people

All work has to be relevant, honest and based on a strong idea

We are convinced that design drives profit

We always challenge and question

By design, we specify a direction that makes a difference

Function needs magic

If it looks familiar, we try again

We always strive to make our current project the best one ever

Having fun together is part of the design process