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Supercharge Your Brand with AI

AI is a revolution that will completely transform how we do things. And while that might be scary, it brings big opportunities for your brand when used right


AI Brand Foundation

Everyone can use AI but without guidance it becomes risky business. That’s where you should start. We help you ensure a consistent brand experience in a reality when anyone can create their own solutions. Working from existing material, such as a brand platform, we set the strategic direction working with AI and convert current guidelines to work with AI platforms for texts, voice, images and more. This is The Foundation.


How to work with AI

Create generative images, copywriting and much more that’s always on brand. Working from The Foundation, we develop very specific principles for each media. This includes defining a general personality description, style prompts for image generation and more, making sure that whatever you create for your brand always looks and feels the part. We will also recommend what AI tools to use.

Example principles

Defined image styling

By using AI Design Principles that guide the creative process, better and more correct prompting and style tuning can be achieved. Below, the same descriptions are used to generate images, with the image on the right being adjusted in style tuner and image settings to better align with the brand’s image style.


What You’ll Get

1. Enhanced competency and established strategic direction through training, processes, and workshops
2. AI adapted Brand platform, The foundation
3. AI Principles to guide the internal department in utilising AI appropriately
4. Guidelines for what AI tools to use and when
5. AI assistant solutions

Let’s talk AI

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