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A checkup that evaluates your brand. Find out what works, what doesn't, and how to fix it


We evaluate your brand in a few different ways; Is your brand aligned? Does it function properly? Is it visually relevant? Is it consistent? The result is a compilation of what works and what doesn't. On top of this you'll get a clear recommendation on how to leap ahead. A few examples of what we look at in depth are:

  • Strategy vs Identity alignment
  • Visual toolbox analysis
  • UI-kit review
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Visual consistency in prioritized applications

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An injection of new ideas, digital adaptation or new tools to boost your current brand


Many times a brand might not need a complete overhaul. Maybe it works fine, just not great. This is the perfect time to boost your brand. By keeping what already works, we can tweak what doesn't and add new tools to boost your brand and reach new heights. Examples of this include, but are of course not limited to:

  • Graphics and Icons
  • Illustrations
  • Motion graphics
  • UI-kit
  • 3D renders

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Refresh or Redo

Fallen behind? Align your brand to new strategies, technology or a changing world

Refresh or Redo

All great brands adapt and keep up with the times as cultures shift and markets change. Maybe years of smaller steps in different directions have left your brand bland or your vision blurry? Whether you are entering new markets or need to pivot your offering we're here to help. This includes:

  • Brand platform
  • Brand architecture
  • Design strategy
  • KPI definition
  • Naming
  • Brand identity
  • Custom typeface
  • Touchpoint design
  • Principle based guidelines
  • And more

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Start up or Scale up

Launch ahead of the competition or move on from MVP to fully fledged brand

Start up or Scale up

Whether you're launching your dream company or getting ready for the next big step, we've got you. For companies just getting started we take a Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) approach. You'll get all the essentials needed to effectively market your brand and start gaining fans. For scale-ups, we clarify the brand purpose and its values. We also design distinctive assets and tools to attract a loyal, long term fan base and to streamline your workflow. This means:

  • MVB Strategy
  • MVB Identity
  • Brand strategy
  • UI-kit
  • Design system

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Some Great Examples

AI brand creative

Supercharge Your Brand with AI

AI is a revolution that will completely transform how we do things. And while that might be scary, it brings big opportunities for your brand when used right

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The smörgåsbord

In our research we crunch data, analyze human behaviour and dive in to new technologies to help you make informed decisions. This phase is usually followed by development or refinement of Brand Strategy.

Brand audit, UX audit, Competition analysis, Trend reports and seminars, Benchmark analyses, User behavior analysis

Whether you need to clarify your vision, find your raison d’être or develop your tone of voice we’re here to help. A brand strategy will help your business stay true, consistent and efficient. It serves as a guide for both brand identity and marketing in general.

Brand platform, Brand architecture, Design strategy, KPI definition workshop, Naming and nomenclature

We design distinct and attractive brand identities with a strong core. Our brand identities are always based on principles, which makes them more flexible and future proof. We believe this is vital to staying competitive in a fast-changing world.

Brand identities*, Guidelines, Brand identity tools, Custom made typefaces, Design implementation

* Typefaces, logotypes, colors, graphic elements, tone of voice, tone of motion, image tonality, iconography and more.

Touchpoint design is more than just applying a brand identity. It’s about understanding what motivates your customers and how to activate your brand and propel your business. We design meaningful brand experiences that connect your brand with the people you want to reach.

UX & UI design for web sites, Apps, Digital services, Packaging design, Product design, Retail and physical spaces, Printed matters, Templates, 3D, Animation

We offer bespoke- and semi bespoke typefaces to strengthen your brand identity. We are driven by our dedication and love for typography, and see it as a focal point of brand design work. Type design requires full attention from dedicated experts. We can help you take your type related projects to the next level, supporting both functional and communicative needs. Read more at our type foundry So-Type: www.so-type.com

Over the years we have worked with many Placebranding projects. A strong and unique place identity is about creating a common core to gather around — a clear, visible, unified and reinforced image of the place makes place building better and is a stable and powerful tool to communicate from. Together with partners we can offer the whole process, from insight and strategy, brand identity to content design.

Insight and strategy, Place Brand identity, Guidelines, Brand identity tools, Design implementation, Content design