The Brand Audit

Understand your Brand

A checkup that evaluates your brand. Find out what works, what doesn't, and how to fix it.

Why you should do this

Regardless if you did a brand refresh quite recently or haven’t touched it for a long time, it pays off to know what works in your favor (and what doesn’t).

Successful branding nudges what people think of you in the right direction. If your goal is to be perceived as professional, the right typeface or imagery can help in achieving that. The wrong ones could work against you and hurt your business.

More often than not, what people actually think of you is very different from what you want them to think. Fixing this is not easy, but possible if you know where to start.


Where to start

Honest, spontaneous opinions from real people is one part of the puzzle. What do people really think about us?

Maybe it’s exactly what we want them to think, maybe it’s completely different or, as often is the case, it’s somewhere in between.

Evaluate / Compare

Finding the problem

Once we know what people say about you (and what you say about you), we can find what doesn’t work. It could be a misguided strategy, the wrong visual tonality or the way you talk to your customers. It could be a lot of things or sometimes almost nothing at all.

Point is, finding problems is the first step to fixing them.


Plotting the course

Once all potential culprits are found, we create and deliver a crystal clear roadmap to getting your brand aligned. All actions will be prioritised to make sure that we focus on what matters most, first.

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