Filmstaden is the biggest cinema chain in Sweden, present in 21 cities with 255 salons and some 32 425 chairs. It is part of the Odeon (owned by AMC Theatres). Formerly known as SF Bio, faced new competition within the entertainment industry, and needed a new and stronger brand to stay relevant.

The concept for Filmstaden is built around that everyone is welcome – grown ups as well as children, big emotions – you laugh, cry, scream and fall in love, cinema magic – for a short moment you leave everything and move into a different world.
  The core components for Filmstaden are the custom made typeface, a colour system with a palette of red shades, a logotype, an illustration style and an animation/curtain. A modern and dynamic identity that still holds a tight connection to the SF Bio heritage, no matter if it’s seen in a digital, printed or physical form. According to customer surveys, the brand scores much higher and delivers on the new values.