H&M's digital and omni services needed a captivating, strong and identifiable look that blends in perfectly with current material both in store and on digital surfaces. We used H&M's brand typeface and black and white as visual cornerstones but with added motion behaviours inspired by the core of fashion; fabrics. An expression that feels 
calm yet dynamic, unique yet familiar.

The H&M type system is quite recognizable on its own but in order to stand out, something more was needed. We expanded the existing type system with new kinetic behaviours inspired by fabrics in motion. Some templates are specific to a service, some are more general in their nature.
The system had to be flexible. It needed the capacity to change, not only the message, but also the language and all global characters — from Cyrillic to Chinese Hanzi and Arabic to Latin. We programmed the kinetic type system to seamlessly adapt to any screen format and size and packaged it neatly in a user friendly service.

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