Sweden Sans in the Olympic Games

The design agency Söderhavet was commissioned in 2012 by the Swedish Institute and NSU – the council for the promotion of Sweden abroad – to create an official brand identity for Sweden and the country’s communication abroad (nation branding). As part of the project a unique typeface for Sweden, Sweden Sans was designed.

The typeface and brand identity for Sweden has received a great deal of international attention and it regularly used by the Swedish Embassies all over the world and other organizations working with promotion of Sweden within different fields. At the present time, the typeface is being used on the Swedish Olympic games teams official uniforms. The collection includes pieces used for various purposes and is a result of collaboration between the Swedish fashion brand H&M and the Swedish Olympic committee.

“It’s always rewarding when our clients’ brand identities and typefaces are being applied in practice. As a sport enthusiast, it’s extra satisfying to see the Swedish Olympic games team wearing clothes with Sweden Sans so visibly presented – and at the same time knowing that millions of people all over the world can see it”, says Jesper Robinell, CD at Söderhavet.

Sweden Sans was created in collaboration with the Swedish typeface specialist Stefan Hattenbach, and is an important component of Sweden’s official brand identity. It has a strong Scandinavian character; simple and functional. The identity was designed to give a consistent voice to the Sweden’s international communication and is applied across all channels, from Sweden’s official website to brochures about different aspects of the country and life in Sweden. The fact that Sweden as the first country in the world to choose to create an official brand identity has been widely cited in the industry media.

At Söderhavet, we have noticed a growing demand and understanding of the importance of a unique typeface as a vital part of a strong brand identity.