Placebranding project – Dalarna

History is 
waiting for 
your story. Dalarna has long been celebrated for its rich culture and traditions. Now, we are advancing into the future by blending the past with the present.

We have revitalized Dalarna’s cultural heritage into a dynamic and contemporary brand. By staying true to traditions while embracing future opportunities, we have crafted a unique identity that resonates with both older and younger generations.

“We are proud to have had the opportunity to work on Dalarna’s identity, creating something that honors tradition while looking ahead,” says Tobias Eriksson, Design Director at Söderhavet. “By blending nostalgic elements with modern and innovative aspects, we have given Dalarna new strength and a more distinct identity.”

This work on Dalarna’s identity was commissioned by Dalarna Science Park with the goal of attracting a workforce to Dalarna’s expanding green industry. By enhancing Dalarna’s brand and creating an appealing identity, we have helped increase interest in the region, attracting investments and talent.

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