Welcome Tove, Oliver, Tobias and Filip!

Tove Bjurström, most recently from Happy F&B, where she worked with customers such as Swedbank, SVT and Right Livelihood. At Söderhavet, she takes on the role as Design Director with a focus on developing relevant and unique design and brand experiences.

Oliver Juan, Senior Designer, strengthens the agency’s e-commerce offer. Oliver has previously worked at NoA Ignite, Oakwood and Acne with customers such as the fashion brand Stand Studio, Aco, Gina Tricot and Max Hamburgers.

Tobias Eriksson is back at Söderhavet after a few years at Amore and in running his own business where he has worked with brand building design for example: Peas Industries and Essity. Tobias’ focus will be on strategic brand design in the role of Design Director.

Filip Kalatzis Forsberg has recently completed his studies at Hyper Island with an internship at Söderhavet. He did so well that he is now employed as a Junior Designer with a focus on strengthening the agency’s offer in motion.

Exciting times ahead!