We're all different. 401ks should reflect that. By letting you choose if you'd like to save in crypto, stocks or bonds Arnie effectively democratise how we save our hard earned money for a later stage in life.

Arnie is all about flexibility and the right to choose how to manage your 401K. The identity express this through a modular logotype that extends to a visual system with endless variations.
Dealing with your future should feel optimistic and easy. Arnie's interface is simple, intuitive and upbeat yet crystal clear in the way it conveys data, stocks and holdings. Through friendly infographics and simplified overviews, planning your future has never been easier.
401K's, fun and breezy are usually not mentioned in the same sentence. We wanted to change that. By focusing on what a well managed, individual 401K can get you, we show that using Arnie feels a lot different from anything else.