Freshly caught Fashion

Client: Freshly caught Fashion
Naming / Strategy / Identity / Digital / Typeface

Project status

The fashion brand Human Scales was founded in 2007 . All items are hand made in Europe and available in over 150 stores around the globe. 

Challenge – The fashion market is tough, so how can Human Scales differentiate itself, and how can the quality of the clothes be communicated?

Approach & solution – The design DNA stems from the first thing that actually was designed, a button for jeans. From that detail, we created a playful and flexible design concept, with clothing details at the core. Over the last 13 years the identity and brand has developed but the design DNA will still remain strong for many years to come. Founding a new brand: A new brand identity, a design system, a new typeface and ongoing collateral as well as digital design. Graphic expression is straightforward in making clothes speak for themselves. A well-crafted typeface, a playful logotype and a modern image style is there to inform clients of the extraordinary quality and design that Human Scales provide.

Project status

Typeface: Human Scales Sans
Weight: Regular & Bold
Year: 2016
So–Type Foundry

Today’s Special: Freshly caught – Jeans, Clothes, Shoes, Trousers, Jackets and more.

Tomorrow’s Special: Freshly caught – Tech-clothes, Space-suits, Ai-dresses and more.

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