Dalarna. A region with some of the richest cultural heritage in all of Sweden known for Dala horses, copper mining, midsummer, Vasaloppet, rolling hills and red cottages. However, Dalarna is not just history. History is just the beginning.

We wanted to find a unifying path that could push forward while recognising the strength built in Dalarna over centuries. We reimagined folk art patterns (known as kurbits) into typography, turned the dial up to 10 on the well known red and crafted a new message that recognise the past but is focused on what’s to come — History is waiting for your story.
The custom typeface is designed to contain all sorts of content. This way, we can communicate different stories with ease, using either just one letter or whole words as a window. When used simply as a typeface, the letters can stack and re-arrange to communicate the continuous development of Dalarna as a region. Project made in collaboration with Placebrander.