Norr is a beverage of the highest quality with a sustainable twist. It’s set out to make a real difference – for each unit sold, an equivalent amount of fluid replacement is donated to combat water shortage in the world.

From a brief idea to actual product. We started a three year long journey to conceptualize the business idea, create a brand platform, product name, visual identity and bottle & can design. Numbers became the common dominator for Norr, binding together the overall concept with the exact ingredients used when making the optimal beverage.
The brand name, Norr, simply alludes to the company’s heritage and the Nordics reputation for clean spring water. Norr’s numeric concept required a bespoke typeface, that with its unique glyphs – o and 0 is heightened to resemble N° (number), hint towards their higher purpose and become a subtle yet recognizable design element in order to make the bottle pop-out next to other bottles on the store shelf.